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Festivals You Can Participate in Nepal

  1. Fagu Purnima
    The festival of colors also known as Holi. You can have fun spraying colors and water on strangers who are also participating in the festival. There are also free concerts and public events to participate in. You will see participants traveling in groups or even in trucks along the city or villages smeared in colors. People used to hit strangers with water balloons and smear with colors but this is now banned due to injuries and nusiance. 
  2. Gai Jatra
    If you love the festival of costumes, you’ll definitely enjoy Gai Jatra. During this festival, people dress up as different characters mostly as cows and various characters of Hindu mythology and stroll in the streets. Satire and sarcasm is the name of the game on this day. It is common to hear performances with funny jokes about politicians and people in power on this day. The day is meant to be a remembrance of the deceased and also to get over the grief.   
  3. Rato Machindranath Jatra
    Celebrated in Patan, during this festival a large chariot about 5 stories high is constructed and pulled with ropes along the route of Gabahal, Mangal Bazar, Hakha, Sundhara, Chakrabahil, Lagankhel and ends at Jawalakhel. It is fun to see young men putting all their strength in pulling the chariot in unison. If so inclined you may even lend some of your strength on pulling the chariot. Make sure people accept you for participation. 
  4. Teej
    This 3-day festival is for women. Dressed in red women feast, fast, dance praying for their husband and whole family. The long line of women in Pashupatinath is a sight to behold. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to join in the dance. 
  5. Janai Purnima
    A Hindu festival celebrated all over the country. People take ritual dips in water and change sacred threads called Janai. On this day, brahmins await devotees in most temples to wrap their wrist in a sacred thread. You may participate by observing people in holy rivers or get your own wrist wrapped in the Janai. What’s more for food fanatics, you may try a special soup called “Kwati” eaten by Newars on this day.

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