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Foods To Try in Nepal

Samaya Baji / Newari Lunch 

Samaya baji, the full lunch of ethnic Newari people, is a delicious lunch. Consisting of spicy meat, beaten rice, green vegetables, and beans with mild spices and several other dishes. You will surely want to try again. 

Pani Puri

If you like sour taste, Pani puri will be a dish you can’t get enough of. When you bite the Pani Puri, juice fills your mouth and hits with a delicious sour taste. It is not meant to be eaten for lunch as it is not that filling; rather, it is best eaten to enjoy the taste.

Dal Bhat

Hungry after a trek or long hike, Don’t worry, Dal Bhat power 24 hours. This is the dish that all Nepalese eat as lunch and dinner. Although carb-heavy, it is very filling and will keep you full of energy for hours.


They are eaten as a main meal in various parts of Nepal, especially where rice is not available. The bread dough-like dish in the middle is the Dhido. Depending on the surrounding curries, your experience with Dhido may be completely different. 


Consisting of pieces of vegetables, meat, and noodles in a soup, it a perfect dish on cold days. On hot summer days, you may sweat a lot just by eating this dish full of hot soup. Various choices of meat, strong or mild spices, are generally available.

Sel roti

Sel roti is made of rice fried rice flour with some sugar. It is sweet to taste but not too much. Tasty when hot but can be eaten when fresh. It gets more delicious when it cools down. 


Yomari is a delicacy of the Newari community with a special day(Yomari Punhi) on which it must be eaten. It is a steamed dumpling with various fillings like Chaku (kind of sweet), paneer, etc. Be careful when eating, the filling inside remains incredibly hot even when the outer bread is lukewarm to touch.

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