The Majestic Himalayan Mountains

Since I came back from my first trek in Nepal, I have been really busy. Indeed, the hustle and bustle of the life here is a stark contrast with the tranquility I experienced in the mountains. It makes me even more nostalgic about the trek I had with Thakur Penday as our guide.
Probably like many people who have not been to Nepal, I was looking forward to basking myself in the beauty of the majestic Himalayan mountains. No doubt, I saw the majestic Himalayan Mountains but what left me with deep impressions are the people I met. From the point we reached the airport, we felt the warmth of Nepali hospitality. We were treated more like friends rather than just mere visitors. As friends, we had the priviledge to hear from Thakur, his views of the political situation and we saw his passion for his country and his hope for the future. During the trek while we saw many porters carrying loads many times their own weight, I also saw the resilience of the people which is like the Himalayan Mountains that stood firm and sturdy in whatever weather conditions. On our day of departure, Naba came down to fetch us to the airport, even though he did not have much sleep as he was trying to help his friend the night before. I saw in him the dedication to his work as well as his kindness to his friend.
Through all these that I saw, I couldn’t help pray, “God, this is a wonderful country with wonderful people. May God bring to this country capable leaders who love the people and who will bring the country to the heights of the Himalayan mountains.” God bless Nepal!

Diana Fan