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Trekking in Nepal is suitable for any average individual who are moderately fit and in good shape. However we suggest you to have some cardio and basic exercises such as running, hiking, swimming or aerobic exercise for 2 to 3 months before taking up the trek. Sometimes it may be strenuous while walking the trekking trails which are up and down. Another important thing to note while trekking in Nepal is the altitude which can make some individual feel uneasy so it is important to acclimatize.

Note: Any one with pre medical history such as heart, lungs, knee, ankle, back pains etc should seek for medical consent before taking up the trip.

The best season for trekking in Nepal is from March to May & October to December. However other seasons are also equally good to take other day tours and sightseeing tours in Nepal.

Note: July and August is monsoon season so there are fewer travelers during this period.Trekking in Nepal in July & August isn't advisable in most of the country. Views are obscured by clouds, trails are muddy and slippery, and road access to trail-heads can be hindered by landslides