Peak Climbing

A total of thirty three peaks, of up to 6600 meters elevation, have been designated as “trekking peaks.” The title may suggest that these peaks are easier to attempt than expedition peaks but this is not necessarily true. Some, in fact, are technically very demanding and have foiled the efforts of some highly experienced mountaineers. The control of these peaks has been entrusted to the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) who issue permits and over see the regulation of ascent.Regulations
Compared to expedition peaks, the regulations pertaining to trekking peaks are relatively simple. A permit is required, which is issued by the NMA upon payment of a royalty fee. Generally our agency will be able to arrange the issue of a trekking peak permit within 24 hours.Preparation
Preparation for climbing a trekking peak is far simpler than for an expedition. The climbing period for most of the trekking peaks rarely exceeds more than a few days so large amounts of base camp equipment are not usually required. Also, due to their relatively low altitude, the amount of climbing equipment required is proportionally less. In general, preparation for climbing a trekking peak is little different from preparing for a trek.Seasons
The lower altitude of a trekking peaks means that the ascent some of them is possible during the winter season as well as during the spring and autumn.

Permits and entry fees
The system of trekking permits that was in force for some years has been abandoned for most of the general trekking areas. This means that for areas such as the Annapurnas, the Everest region and Langtang trekkers no longer need to obtain permission before setting off.

There are still a number of restricted areas that are regulated to a greater of lesser extent.

Peak Permit Fee
Group Cost Total Cost
1 – 4 Pax US$ 350 .00 = US$ 350 .00
4+1 Pax =5 US$ 350 +40 = US$390.00
4+2 Pax =6 US$ 350+80 = US$ 430.00
4+3 Pax = 7 US$ 350+120 = US$ 470.00
4+4 Pax = 8 US$ 350+160 = US$ 510.00
8+1 Pax = 9 US$ 510. +25 = US$ 535.00
8+2 Pax = 10 US$ 510+50 = US$ 560.00
8+3 Pax =11 US$ 510+75 = US$ 585.00
8+4 Pax =12 US$ 510+100 = US$ 610.00
US$ 250.00 should be deposited to NMA as as garbage deposit. The refund shall be be made as per the provisions made by NMA.

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