Spiritual Adventure in Buddhist Kingdom 4 Days

Join us for the unforgettable 04 days tour into the mystical Kingdom of Bhutan; known also as a land of Peaceful Dragon. Bhutan, is nestles in the heart of the great Himalaya. This tiny beautiful Kingdom only opened its gates to foreigners in 1974. It still remains the society, where age old culture and traditional life continues as it had been for centuries. With about 69% of population still living in rural Bhutan, farming is an occupation for the majority of Bhutanese. Age old barter system is still practiced in some places, and ties within the huge joint family often with more then 50 members are common sights.


Trip Duration:   4 Days
Trip Route:  Paro - Taktsang - Thimphu - Paro
Itinerary Overview
  • Day 01 : Arrive Paro
  • Day 02 : Taktsang Excursion & Acclimitization
  • Day 03 : Arrive Thimphu & Sightseeing
  • Day : 04: Departure
Detail Itinerary
  • Day 01 : Arrive Paro
    During the flight one will experience breathtaking views of some of the highest mountain peaks on earth, including Mt. Everest, Kan Cheng Junga, Mt. Jumolhari and Jitchu Drake in Bhutan. Flight through mountainous region is exciting, and short, but provides an experience that will remain with your for years. We bet, landing is even more exciting. On the way back visit the Paro Rinpung Dzong. (A Dzong in Bhutan is a fortress). Today there are about 20 Dzongs around the country, most built during early part of 17th century. Dzongs are the seat of the district administration as well as the home for the monastic school. This huge fortress are equally shared, keeping in tradition from past. It was from this fortress that the Bhutanese repelled many Tibetan and Mongol invasions. All Dzongs have tall central tower (Utse), with its superb woodwork, houses sacred temple inside. Walk down further through walled flat stone pavements, and in about 10 minutes, you will pass through beautiful ancient wooden bridge with shingle roofing, with two guardhouses on each entrance. This use is abandoned, since middle of last century. In the evening, we will walk through narrow and small Paro town, most built during late 70s. Enjoy evening meals at a cozy restaurant.
  • Day 02 : Taktsang Excursion & Acclimitization
    Today after breakfast, take short drive to a point, to start short excursion to Taktsang Monastery; 8th century wonder. Taktsang means “Tiger’s Nest” and this spectacular building is perched on a rocky ledge at 3,000 ft elevation. It’s foundation was laid in 8th century, when 2nd Buddha; Guru Padma Sambhava, meditated here, after he flew from Kurtoe valley on a back of a tigress. Opportunity for rare Bhutanese treats at beautiful cafeteria, located just across Taktsang monastery. Relax for about an hour at the cafeteria, or alternatively taking few hike up more closer to the Monastery. After lunch, hike down gradually on same Path. Visit a farm house and enjoy dinner or snacks at their place.
  • Day 03 : Arrive Thimphu & Sightseeing
    Drive to Thimphu. On arriving Thimphu, check in at Hotel and start sightseeing. Later after lunch also embark on a sightseeing in Thimphu area. Thimphu is small city with about 90,000 inhabitants (but rural - urban migration has rapidly increase it’s size by about 7% in recent years). This city; rather a town is known for being only capital of country without modern traffic light. Visit couple of sightseeing places; Chorten built in 1970s in memory of late King, Zangdopelri monastery near weekend market. Watch archery match. Evening at leisure, and you can stroll around the town; again blended with unique Bhutanese and modern design and architecture. Your escort can accompany you while you walk around the city. Overnight in Hotel. OTHER Thimphu Excursion INCLUDES ThimpuFamous weekend market in Thimphu (Fri - Sat - Sun). This is the meeting place for many farmers, who walk, take horse, and travel by buses and truck to get their wares for sale at this biggest open market place in Bhutan. This place is filled with products ranging from fresh, organic fruits, rice, chilies, vegetables to Yak butter, meat, Wonderful village textiles, handicrafts, art, jewelry. All most all that can show case Bhutanese way of life and living. In this weekend market, all Thimphu dwellers shop their week long supplies. Moments to get some of your best pictures. Take a short drive up to north of Thimphu to visit 15th century Changangkha Monastery, and further up to north to see small man made habitat of Takin. This wild animal is internationally endangered and protected in Bhutan. Drive to Thimphu View point, commonly known to younger couples as “lover’s point”. Suitable dating ground. Other excursion details in Thimphu includes; National Library, which holds a vast collection of Buddhist texts and manuscripts, some dating back several hundred years, as well as modern academic books mainly on Himalayan culture and religion. Institute for Zorig Chusum (commonly Known as the Painting School) where student undertake a six - year course on the 13 traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan: National Institute of Traditional MedicineNational Institute of Traditional Medicine, where the medicinal herbs, mineral, and animals organs available in abundant in the kingdom are compounded and dispensed by traditional pharmacist and medical practitioners. This indigenous healing method is popular amongst all Bhutanese people, and runs in parallel to modern medicine in all district head quarter. Here you will have exclusive privilege of talking to a renowned traditional healer. Folk Heritage and National Textile Museums: These museums, both of which opened in 2001, provide fascinating insight into Bhutanese material culture and way of life. Handicrafts Emporium: This government - run enterprise displays a wide range of beautifully hand - woven textiles and craft products. It also carries a small collection of books on Bhutan, Buddhism and Himalayan culture.
  • Day : 04: Departure
    Early morning, drive to Paro for Departure.
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