White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

01 – 03 Days Rafting On The Trisuli River
White water rafting is one of the exciting adventures available in Nepal. For one to three days rafting we drive from Kathmandu approximately three hours to the rafting starting point. The rafting starting point will vary according to the level of the river and the number of days you wish to raft, it may be Charaudi or Fishling. Drive to Charaudi is approximately 3 hours (82km) and to fishling three and a half hours (98km). At the river our crew will be waiting in readiness with all the rafting gear. After a brief comprehensive safety talk by the lead river guide with some final tips on how to ride the raft and paddle, you will set off for some exciting white water rafting. The rafting trip in Trisuli river is easily accessible by road from Kathmandu or Pokhara.

08 – 10 Days Rafting On The Sunkosi River

The Sunkoshi River is one of the main tributaries of the great Sapta Koshi River system of eastern Nepal. Our 8 – 10 days tour depending upon the time of operation and water level, is the ultimate experience in rafting in Nepal and starts from Dolalghat, near the Tibetan border and ends at Chatara in the immediate vicinity of Dharan.

The excitement will reach a climax in the last couple of days. It is not White water all the way. There are plenty of calm sections which allow time for contemplation and recovery. Since this trip is rather strenuous a reasonable level of fitness is required.

The Sunkosi River rises high in Tibet to enter Nepal as the Bhote Koshi. As it joins the Indrawati Khola at Dolalghat it truly becomes the Sunkoshi River then falling some 2500 ft (762 km), to reach the Tarai ( tropical plain of Nepal ), a distance of more than 270 km ( 163 miles).

Over this length the river includes many rapids, of which a number may be graded V on a scale of I to VI. These are good quality, interesting rapids separated by long stretches of attractive flat water, making it an ideal river for rafting.

Since there is no road access over the length of the river ( from Dolalghat to Chatara ), this gives each trip the feeling of an expedition; indeed the raft groups need to be self – sufficient in terms of food and equipments.

The point at which one can start is largely depended upon the water level, however, during high water it is possible to start at Lamosangu which runs directly into Grade III rapids although this is not practical for inexperienced crews.

Our programme allows for seven full days and two half days of actual rafting time. The speed at which one travels on the river is largely governed by the water level in that, the higher level, the faster, the flow. During such a period the trip might have to be shortened by one day.

The Sunkoshi River has a large selection of sandy beaches throughout its length, which gives a self – sufficient group a great deal of flexibility in its choice of camping places. Some beaches are near villages and others are remote and accessible only by boat.

 The major rivers opened for rafting in Nepal
S.N. River Grade Days
1. Karnali 4 – 5 8 + 3 days travel by bus.
2. Sun Kosi 4 – 5 8 + 1days travel by bus.
3. Trisuli 3 1 – 3 days
4. Kali Gandaki 5 3 days
5. Bhote Kosi 4 – 5 1 – 2 days
6. Marsyandi 5 5 days.
7. Arun 4 3 + 2 days travel by bus.
8. Bheri 3 + 3 + 3 days travel by bus.
9. Budi Gandaki 4 3 + 1 days travel by bus.



Trip Duration:   1-3 Days / 8-10 Days
Trip Route:  Trisuli River - Sunkoshi River.

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